The Draw of Ireland


I fell in love with Ireland before I ever set foot there. Through a friend of a friend I heard so many stories of Ireland’s people and history. My favorite stories were those of Ireland’s ancient culture. When I finally had the chance to go, I found so much more which is why I keep going back with my beloved partner, Graeme, at my side and why we love sharing our experiences with others. There is nothing like traveling and seeing places through the eyes of a local.

Stay tuned for more about our travels to Ireland…..

4 thoughts on “The Draw of Ireland”

  1. When is your next trip to Ireland? We have been to the Inn a few times. Our daughter, Molly Kuzma (Schmid) has also. Rugby player from CMU. Jan and I need to get to Ireland in next couple of years. Thanks.

    1. Hi Molly,

      It is so good to hear from you! Yes, we would love to have you join us on a trip to Ireland. Graeme is working on the next itinerary for November 2022. We typically go for 10 days and usually during the latter part of the month but we have been discussing doing two trips next year–both in November so people have other options. I have your email and will share this message with Graeme as well so we can be sure to have something soon so people can plan ahead. We will definitely be in touch soon. Hope the holiday was good to you!! Take Care.

      1. HI Michelle and Graeme. Any progress on an Ireland trip or two? Appreciate it. Ted and Jan Kuzma

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