About Your Tour Operators & Designers

Graeme and Michelle, your fun-loving Owners/Tour Operators, have as much love for travel as they do for each other. There is nothing better than seeing the world through the eyes of a local. Graeme, was born in the United Kingdom, fascinated by history and proud of his heritage, he is never short of a good story or big laugh. Michelle, an educator by profession, never gets enough of being active, outdoors and sharing world cultures to build bridges across our human families. The couple, along with a few of their good friends and fellow Tour Guides are honored to have you join us on our next trip.

Come see the world through the eyes of a local so you can also find your own Radiant-Moments. We love to travel specializing in organized tours to Scotland, Ireland, and England. Consider your next trip with us more than just a check on your bucket list!

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Now booking travelers to join us through beautiful landscapes, beaches, and quaint village towns: